Robin DENYS Pro

Southampton, United Kingdom


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Robin was a pleasure to work with, Great actor with loads of talent

Recommended for Acting Sep 18, 2021

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Pleasure to work with Robin, top chap and an incredible actor who followed direction well. Brilliant on and off set

Recommended for Acting Aug 24, 2021

Incredibly patient and easy to work with, while also giving a great performance on top of that!

Recommended for Acting May 17, 2021

I had the great pleasure with working with Robin for two projects in the same week. He is a fantastic actor with a great range and is a joy to direct. Professionalism personified, 100% recommend. Fergus

Recommended for Acting May 12, 2021

Robin was a pleasure to work with. We cast him as a character for our 48hr film competition. He really went above and beyond to portray the character and was fully committed to making the Directors vision come to Life. Thank you Robin!

Recommended for Acting Mar 8, 2021

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Great actor and easy to work with. Brought the film to life and would happily work Robin again in the future

Recommended for Acting Dec 2, 2020

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Robin was an absolute joy to have on set. He was always on time, and he was always prepared for each shooting day. Not only did he give a wonderful performance, he also leant a bright and happy attitude to our set. Robin is a wonderful actor and myself, as well as my crew, highly recommend him!

Recommended for Acting Oct 12, 2020

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Robin has a diverse acting range, and was friendly and easy to work with, he took direction well, and we would recommend him for your project.

Recommended for Acting Oct 12, 2020

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We were delighted to cast Robin in MC Beastly's latest Music Video, as part of our exciting Smalltown Dreamers project. Robin is professional, and comes well prepared. He is a joy to direct: I was really impressed with his inventiveness & character instincts. He can clearly adapt very quickly to a wide range of characters! Colourfully, Cerulean

Recommended for Acting Jun 23, 2020

Working with Robin was a pleasure, always on time and always eager to do his best! Working well with other talent and never shy to bounce off ideas I would defiantly recommend Robin.

Recommended for Acting Jun 10, 2020

Robin played the narrator in my drama podcast "Schmidt's Journal" and played the role really well. The accent and the delivery of the lines was sport on, rarely had to change or adapt the character. Robin is a great asset to anyone's production.

Recommended for Acting May 27, 2020

Robin delivered well with attention to detail and professionalism, patient with the requested changes and prompt on the delivery, thumbs up!

Recommended for Acting May 26, 2020

Robin was very communicative and professional while I was working with him. He bought the character to life and his natural talent meant he needed little direction in interpreting my script to create a sensitive, versatile well-rounded character. I would highly recommend Robin.

Recommended for Acting Apr 25, 2020

Robin played the antagonist in our crime drama. He really nailed the look and sound of the character to bring him to life. He was enthusiastic about learning fight choreography and performed it very well. A real nice guy to have on set and a great actor to work with. Would highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Mar 18, 2020

He was always on time and very professional with his skills. Very flexible in terms of roles and the acts he played. Would definitely recommend him for playing villainous roles.

Recommended for Acting Mar 17, 2020

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I had the opportunity to direct Robin in a music video - and it was such a great experience! The shoot which was supposed to take 5 hours, was finished in 3 hours. He's a one-take-wonder! Most of Robin's shots were taken within the first take! Such an amazing actor! He totally lived the character! Robin is extremely professional, down-to-earth and so easy to work with! It was my first time working with Robin - and I can't wait to cast him again (this time, hopefully a short film).

Recommended for Acting Jun 13, 2019

Really nice guy, very professional and easy to work with!

Recommended for Acting Apr 24, 2019

Punctual, professional and easy to work with. Thank you for being a part of our team Robin!

Recommended for Acting Apr 21, 2019

Wow worked with this lovely gentleman today so professional and brought the best out in me would love to work with you again Highly recommended

Recommended for Acting Mar 24, 2019

Extremely Friendly, Patient, Knowledgeable, Reasonable, Takes Direction with Ease and an absolute Pleasure to work with, I Highly Recommend Robin! - Logan Bailey

Recommended for Acting Mar 23, 2019