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Cambridge, United Kingdom
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81 kg / 178 lbs
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  • Scuf Advert : Extra
  • The Surgeon - Sharpe Films : Extra
  • The Anglian Players - Jekyll and Hyde : Poole
  • Peterborough Regional College : Student - Level Media Film, TV & Radio


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  • UK English

One of my favourite things to do with a character is to figure out the best way to portray it to the audience, I always look for different layers for the character and I have used this skill for every character I have played. I do this because I want the audience to remember the character and the way that I’ve portrayed that character. I learnt about this skill through watching movies and studying how actors portray their characters, for example, when Christian Bale played Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight, he shows the playboy character, the vigilante character and the real personality of his character. This inspires me to use this skill to portray the characters so that the audience can relate or maybe even purposely not relate to the character because of how peculiar the character might be, I want to play characters like that so I can be invested in what the character offers to me as well as the audience and how I can portray them. In March 2019, I played an antagonist for a short film that was being produced and developed by college students at Peterborough Regional College, I was part of the three stages of production. I was given a character to play, this character was a stalker. Straight away I knew I had to portray the character as a disturbing yet mysterious character and I did this following my rule of finding different layers for the character. Once I did that, I knew that I could be able to manipulate the audience through what I did on screen, I had to convince the audience of my characters traits which I showed. A lot of the college short film was improvisation meaning that we had to come up with the characters with little help as to script wise but we all established what we wanted the characters to do. On May 6th 2019, I performed in front of an live audience for the first time, I was performing a skit with members of The Anglian Players, my character was used to break the wall between the characters and audience. I had to portray the character as convincing and persuasive. I had to convince them as I was portraying a sales person who was trying to sell to the audience to donate to keep holiday insane employees away from the streets, of course this was light humour and it worked well with the audience. There was 20 people watching us on stage which wasn’t that much but it gave me a good idea as an actor on how to use the audience to my advantage and to get my point of my character across. On May 19-22nd 2019, I was performed in a play after 12 weeks of rehearsal, I performed for three nights, three hours each night on stage. The play was called Jekyll and Hyde, I portrayed the character of Poole who was a butler who I portrayed in three different layers. The character was very fun to play and I loved figuring the character out. - For the first layer, I had to portray the character as antagonistic toward other characters who were under the character in hierarchy during 1800s. The character had to be mean and horrible to the maids in the play. This was first used during the first scene of the play so it gave the audience a first impression that my character was a bad guy. This was intentional as I then wanted to show more layers to the character as the narrative moved on. - The second layer of the character was how Poole was loyal to his boss, I portrayed Poole to be polite and respectful of Jekyll. This also showed to the audience about Poole’s beliefs, the character (like many other people in 1800s) believed in a hierarchy system and doesn’t like people below him. However Jekyll is higher in hierarchy so I had to show Poole as respectable to him. - The third layer shows after events in the narrative unfold, the narrative becomes more deeper and the characters are complex. I showed this with my portrayal of Poole through showing him to be panicked toward characters who are in the same level of hierarchy as him. This showed a more human side to Poole so that the audience can understand him better. Overall this was my best acting performance because I used the different layers skill and made the character more interesting to the audience so that they would remember the character easier. I performed this as part of The Anglian Players for three nights in front of 400 people. My next acting experience was an radio drama for the Festival Of The Forties with The Fen Fruitbats. The radio drama was called “Its That Man Again” which was regularly performed during the 1940s. I performed this on the 19th of July for two days in full costume live on stage in front of 60 people per day. This was challenging for me as I had to play multiple characters with multiple voices and accents so I had to quickly adapt under pressure to keep it smooth and authentic, I pushed my acting abilities to do the different voices and accents and it worked very well. I wanted each character to have its own personality and voice. I have recently done an extra job for the film ‘The Surgeon’ which is scheduled fo release at film festivals in a few months. I’m also in two theatrical productions “The Liver Birds” with The Anglian Players and “Doctor in Wonderland” with Moonshot Performance Company. I have also recently taken a 5 week method acting course with Standby Method Acting Studios which has enhanced my abilities. I look forward to performing as more characters in screen performances especially, I wish to work in the film industry and would love to get as much experience possible.


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