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Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Saffra Monteiro Narrating Red RH

Saffra Monteiro narrating Roald Dahl's Red Riding Hood

01Saffra Monteiro Narrating Red RH
02Saffra Monteiro- juliet's monologue
03Saffra Monteiro-The Broken Doll Mon
04Saffra Monteiro:Historic Dialogue Scene
05Saffra Monteiro-acting audio sample 1
06Cinderella-narrated by saffra m

Physical Attributes

159 cm / 5ft 3in
57 kg / 125 lbs
White / Caucasian
93 cm / 37 in
Skin color:
76 cm / 30 in
89 cm / 35 in
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Red Balloon Rainbow Photoshoot : For Esteves Photography
  • Fantasy Gothic PhotoShoot : For Esteves Photography
  • Short Film/Cambridge Urban Shooting : Actor For Underground Film Company
  • Filming Day for Short Film on Coast : Actor For Underground Film Company
  • Short film/Historic Shooting in costume : For Underground Film Company
  • Filming Day/Short film- : Actor For Underground Film Company
  • Fantasy celtic witch Shoot : For Esteves Photography
  • Lingerie/Art nude shoot : For Pix ELation Photography
  • Golden feilds fashion photoshoot : For Esteves Photography
  • Portrait and Fashion Photo Shoot : For Andrew King Photography
  • Gothic Rock Photo Shoot at Aura Studio : For Esteves Photography
  • Vintage/retro fashion shoot at Aura Studio : Peter Ankins Photography
  • Boudoir Creative lighting Shoot : Esteves Photography
  • Mountain/lake celtic cloak shoot : For Esteves Photograhy
  • Waterfall fashion Photo Shoot : For Esteves Photograhy
  • Lavender feild fashion shoot : For AJ photography
  • Vintage purple fashion shoot : For Esteves Photography
  • Fantasy fashion forest shoot : For Esteves Photography
  • Arbury Carnival : Belly Dance Performance
  • Black and white Mono shoot : Esteves Photography
  • Fantasy Wood Fairy Studio Shoot : Andrew Jacobs Photography
  • Boudoir Vintage Modeling Shoot : Esteves Photography
  • Natural Light Spaces Ariel Props Shoot : For Simon Hales Photography
  • Halloween Spook Tastic Modeling Shoot : For Esteves Photography
  • Versaillies Historic Costume Estate Shoot : For Andrew Jacobs Photography
  • Gold Egyptian High fashion Shoot : For Simon Hales Photography at Cherry Garden studio
  • Coastal Beach Location Shoot : For Andrew Jacobs Photography
  • Evening Gowns Thurston Lodge Shoot : For Simon Hales Photography
  • Cambridge Big Weekend : Belly Dance Show
  • Glamour Underwear Shoot : For George C Photography/Windmill Art
  • Designer Wedding Dress Shoot : For Ashley Sims Design/Noemi Photography.
  • Beauty and Bridal Wear Shoot : For Simon Hales Photography
  • Arbury Carnival Performance : Belly Dancing Show
  • Poison Ivy Fantasy Shoot : For Esteeves Photography
  • Erotic Body scape Modeling Shoot : For Radek/Huge Photography
  • Lazy Underwear Modeling shoot- : For John Vivid photography
  • Shimmering Gown Shoot : for Steve Elation photography
  • Modern Ballet Location Shoot : For Andrew Riddle photography
  • Milk Bath Modeling Shoot : For Photographer Alice Parker
  • Chicago Tights Modeling Shoot : For Steve Amoss Photography
  • Modeling Shoot for Dave/Yvonne Guntrip Photography : Doll/sleeping beauty Shoot.
  • UV Body Paint Modeling : Modeling for Stu Hamilton Photography
  • Body Painting Modeling Shoot- : Style King (Dave)
  • Wolf Cottage Studio's Autum Shoot : Modeling for Autum Colours Shoot at Wolf Cottage
  • Barhill Fete Belly Dance Show : Belly dance Performance Outside.
  • Red Riding Hood Modeling Shoot : Location themed shoot for Dave Jones
  • English Rose Modeling Shoot with Dave T : Shoot with English Rose Theme.
  • Arbury Carnival Performance : Belly Dance Performance Live at Carnival
  • Agency Test Shoot at Buspace studios : Modeling Test shoot at Agency (london)
  • Head Shot Modeling Shoot : Modeling for Graham D Photographer
  • Belly Dancing Themed Shoot/Newmarket : David Ballard- Love Photo Studio's Shoot
  • Fashion/boudoir Modeling Shoot for Conor Irvine : Conor Irvine Photography
  • Underwear Shoot with Johny Brown : Modeling Shoot for Johny Photography.
  • Underwear shoot for Tom (Photographer) : Modeling underwear and heels for Tom in london (private studio)
  • Sequins on my balcony show : Belly dancing with Buckelton Belly Dancers
  • girtion Feast : Belly dancing performance
  • Arbury Carnival : Belly dancing parade and demo
  • John Downs Photographer : Private photos- Modeling for local photographer for a third shoot with him.
  • Jazzercise Demo at Newmarket Carnival : Demo
  • Performing with Jazzercise at Burwell Carnival : Demo/ Jazzercise
  • Advanced Scrambling Training : Training in the mountains.
  • Hair Styling Photo Shoot For Flower Hair Styling : Modeling diffrent hair styles for local salon.
  • Steven Rains Photographer : Modeling for Private Photographer for a second shoot
  • Active Childrens Committee (Addenbrooks) : Playing role as teen Patient in campaigne film for hospital about teen patient awarness.
  • Barhill fete : Belly Dancing performance -skirt work
  • Arbury Carnival : Belly dancing in parade and dancing demo
  • Simpatico extra Agency : Acting as Casualties for training medics to pratice on
  • Pegasus Publishers : Published Author with Pegasus Publishers.
  • On Star Radio, 105 radio, Cambridge news and Newmarket journal about new books. : Articles written about me as youngest published Author in east of england.
  • Basic Belly dancing course : Belly dancing
  • Join Writing Association : Finished Writing Book 1 of Destiny Falls Saga
  • Sports Modeling for local ski shop (serre chevilar) : sports jackets and ski boots modeling for Julie
  • Casting for Teen Role through Talent Directory. : Make it to the Finals.
  • Extra work for Bc Agency : Extra work-coming across camrea.
  • Body art- Modeling for Robin lukes (tat artist) : Being painted by artistic on chest and legs.
  • Posing For local Artistic-Jerry : Posing for 3 hours in red silks.
  • Skiing Intermediate Level : Snowdome
  • PGL Junior Adventure Training : Extreme sports Training
  • Street Dance Workshop : Workshop
  • Jane Taylor : Modeling hand crafted necklaces and rings.
  • Joined Starnow : Modeling profile
  • Bottisham Village College : Drama GCSE Completed - A* grade
  • Jenny's prom dress shop : Modeling for local indepedant dress shop.
  • Steven Rains Photographer : Modeling shoot (period style costume) at 4 locations in suffolk
  • John Down Photographer : Modeling artistic lighting shoot in studio
  • Chris street Photographer : modeling for local photographers portfolio
  • Modeling Managment Agency : Joined them.
  • Film Festival : Speaking Role - classics
  • Childsplay Agency -Child Model : New Model with them
  • Blue Rooms Modeling Shoot : Modeling shoot/london
  • Bikeshed Musicals : West side story -small speaking role
  • School of Dance : Ballet /dancing on front Row
  • Cambridge Grafton Modeling Competition : Was in the Finals
  • Cambridge Film Festival : Extra work/ crew/script work
  • Ego Photography (London) : Modeling shoot/portfolio work
  • Bikeshed Theatre- soilders : Speaking Role
  • Cambridge Film Festival : Extra
  • Bikeshed Youth Theatre Production -Paradise : Lead Role


Acting experience


  • English

  • Irish
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • Indian
  • Mexican

Drama GCSE: A*
Drama A level: Distinction
Screen Acting Course with Cambridge school of performing arts: Distinction
Screen Skills: Include- improvising, learning lots of lines fast, Archery, Horse riding, skiing, dancing, modeling, background in extreme sports and mountains, Art and History Knowledge.
Background: From a young age I was involved in local theatre/ amateur dramatic groups where I learned my early acting skills for stage. I took part in acting workshops at the ADC theatre and Arts theatre in Cambridge as well as workshops down in London.
I took part as an extra twice in the Cambridge film festival as a child, learning skills for film.
I was a runner and helper two years in a row for the Cambridge Shakespeare festival, where I developed my intense love for Shakespeare.
I was a member of the youth acting group-Bikeshed (now closed) for over 5 years in which I acted in over 30 plays, with 10 lead roles and one singing and dancing role.
Modeling from the age of 10 as a child model: This also helped me to improve my acting skills over the years such as facial expressions and confidence in front of large numbers of people. At the age of 16 I was assigned to Childsplay the modeling agency which I remained with until I turned 17-I took part in a number of castings and auditions in London at the time.
Then joined- ‘Simpatico’ based at Addenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge which was a company that specialized in training actors to be casualties for the doctors and medics at the hospital to practice improvised interactions with.
Had work experience at local 105 Cambridge radio when I was 17 and helped DJ alongside my brother which gave me the opportunity to develop my voice skills.
At the age of 19 I was a member of the Active committee at Addenbrooks- I was involved in the filming of a promotional video to be played around the hospital, promoting the care of teenage patients (acting as the lead patient).
Am currently writing book 3 of my fictional saga, hope to have a literary agent within the next two years in order to become a published Author (would be my dream for them to be turned into film scripts and gain film rights which I would love to be involved with.
Acting is in my blood, I'm determined to get into it professionally and coupled with my modeling, dancing and writing, I believe it makes me an ideal combination for this industry.
* Am actively seeking a acting agent*


Extras experience

Previous extras experience

I have been an extra a handful of times for small budget productions local to cambridge but wish to expand and do a lot more extra work for tv and film/extra/walk on roles and speaking roles.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling website

I have been a model since i was 10 years old so now have over 13 years experience in the industry as a professional Photographic model, both working within the United kingdom and abroad. Am also an Actress, Author and Dancer.
I've worked with 3 modelling agencies in london, after which i decided to fly solo and became a freelance model: agencies included Childs Play when i was 10 and talent management when i was 13.
I give 100% in all my shoots and am always professional, reliable and committed- My aim is to create the images that the client seeks, to have a story to every image and above all, produce something memorable and unique! I'm only 5,3 tall, but in heels I match 5,5 and what I lack in height, I make up for with character, experience and feminine curves.
My main experience is as a Photographic model shooting Private concepts for Photographers portfolio's, beauty shoots and hair styling for salons. I have also taken part in two modelling competitions in Cambridge where both times I got into the finals.
At home i don't wear makeup or put many products in my hair so this helps me to keep a clear pale complexion, and strong long hair making me ideal for makeup and hair modelling.
Being an Actress means i am multi-skilled when it comes to modelling shoots that require some mood or a bit of attitude behind the camera. I can learn lines and take direction in a heartbeat.
I am currently a free lance independent model through Starnow, purple port and my other web pages.
I have shot over 300 times in professional studios and over 400 times on location so know how to role in both situations.


Little experience as a online influencer but I have strong beliefs on many topics, in particular- am a firm 'stop climate change supporter', huge welfare supporter for animals and in particular ocean life, rabbits and hedgehogs (I have worked for a hedgehog hospital for a while). I am a confident public speaker and used to lead fierce debates at my college on world topics. Also a huge feminist myself/standing for strong women and rights for women as well as spreading the word on health topics such as healthy body image for women and mental health.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Bellydance
  • Bollywood
  • Contemporary
  • Latin American
  • Salsa
  • Tango

I have some formal Dance Training in Ballet and contemporary Dance-I have my own dancewear and on pointe Ballet shoes .
I am a advanced Belly Dancer with over 6 years experience including performance training using props-including swords, veil work, Isis wings, sticks and fan veils.
I love to dance and have great natural instinct for following beats and memorizing routines very quickly.
I also have great latin movements from hips and posture and love anything exotic and middle eastern sounding.


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)


  • English

  • Irish
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • Indian
  • Mexican

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