Scott X H

Scott X H

New South Wales, Australia


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Scott is an experienced director who knows what he wants. He is able to give clear and articulate direction, which allows the actor to have a deeper insight into the character. He is very efficient and gets the shot! I 100% recommend working with Scott!

Recommended for Director Nov 20, 2021

Such a pleasure to work with Scott and the team. One of my first real experiences with film acting, was such a good experience and I had a lot of fun on the shoot. The crew were very respectful, considerate and professional. Hope to work with Scott and his team again in the future.

Recommended for Casting Nov 20, 2021

It was such a pleasure working with Scott – A considerate director with a clear vision, mindful of time, and respectful of all cast and crew. The environment was relaxed yet efficient and made for an effortless shoot. I would love to work with Scott again in the future – Highly recommended!

Recommended for Director Nov 19, 2021

Loved working with Scott and the crew on a culturally interesting shoot! Kept to time, provided info nice and early, gave clear, respectful directions and was very easy to work with. More than happy to do so again! Many thanks!

Recommended for Director Nov 19, 2021

Scott is an excellent director - great to work with and gives very clear notes on performance

Recommended for Director Nov 19, 2021

Great crew to work with. Very professional and super efficient. Would recommend highly and happily work again with

Recommended for Casting Mar 10, 2020

Scott was a pleasure to work with on a recent shoot. He was welcoming, organised and had a great crew on board. Highly recommend :)

Recommended for Director Feb 9, 2020

Scott was a pleasure to work with, Very friendly, professional and helpful.

Recommended for Director Jan 11, 2020

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Excellent director. Loved working with Scott

Recommended for Writing or Directing Dec 10, 2019

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Scott was brilliant, the brief and direction was clear. The morning of the shoot her was direct, conveyed his needs, and was precise. A beautiful day on set.

Recommended for Casting Dec 3, 2019