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Physical Attributes

193 cm / 6ft 4in
84 kg / 184 lbs
White / Caucasian
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
88 cm / 35 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Full lenght feature "TOM OF FINLAND" director Dome Karukoski : actor in the role of Russian Paratrooper
  • TV series KÄTTEMAKSUKONTOR season 7 episodes 1-2 : actor in the Role of Markus -
  • TV series PADJAKLUBI season 5 : actor in the Role of Robert
  • TRIBECA film festival official selection full lenght feature MOTHER director Kadri Kõusaar : actor in supporting role - Lauri
  • On stage performance PERFECT WEDDING aka TÄIUSLIK PULM by Lutsu Teatri Selts : actor in the leading role - Bill
  • TV series VIIMANE VÕMM season 4 episode 2 : actor in the Role of Ingo -
  • Peking Duk music video "High" dir. Mac Miller&Jef Johnson : Wolf
  • Performance "Just Looking" Adele Varcoe dir. TheSubstation : Bob
  • Contemporary plays "Lohetapp"&"Lohetapp vennaga" dir. Maaten&Õunapuu TõePoolEst Theatre : Jyri Ydi - co-lead
  • Feature film "He ovat paenneet" Director J.P. Valkeapää; production company Helsinki Filmi : Hooded man - main antagonist
  • TV-series "Naabriplika" director Ergo Kuld, Kassikuld production, Kanal2 : Kusti - male lead
  • Short comedy "2 balls of Vanilla" director Eik Tammemäe, Baltic Film&Media School : Karl - main villain
  • Short "Looking for a room" director Kaisa Roover. Euphoria Borealis/NISI MASA/Love&anarchy : Camera Guy - male lead
  • Beer commercials "Karl Sakus"&"Sõpradele lihtsalt Karl" dir. Jan-Erik Nõgisto. Kuukulgurfilm : &
  • Music video "Paha Polly - Valgus" dir. Madis Vasser : Camper - male lead
  • TV-series "Saladused" (ep. "Kärgpere) dir. Marianne Kõrver. Production Reede : Gustav - male lead
  • Play "Väike kuningas" dir. A. Sepp&M. Palm. UTVCA : Big King - supporting role
  • Musical "Inetu!" (Stiles and Drewe "HONK!") dir. Kalju Komissarov. Ugala Theatre : Duckling
  • Play "Idioot" (based on Dostoyevsky "The Idiot") dir. Vallo Kirs. Ugala Theatre : Gavrila Ardalyonivich Ivolgin "Ganja" - supporting role
  • Short "Puhastus" dir. Gerli Nõmm. Baltic Film&Media school : Priit - male lead
  • Feature "Dirty Bomb" dir. Elias Koskimies. Juonifilmi : Pupukarhu aka hunk in bunny/bear suit
  • Music video "Börthe - Surmahirm ja sugutung" dir. Laura Romanova. UT VCA : Male lead
  • TV-series "Saladused" (ep "Riiukukk) dir. Arbo Tammiksaar. Reede production : Aksel - male lead
  • Short "Remember me" dir. Gerli Nõmm. Baltic Film&Media School : Man - leading male
  • Feature "The Hustlers" dir. Lauri Nurksen. Bronson Club : Extra
  • Punk group "Moral Opera" : Vocalist
  • Short "Näkilugu" dir. Heleri Saarik. Nafta production : Kalamees - supporting role
  • University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy : undergraduate drama studies
  • TV-series "Saladused" (ep. "Ema armastab mu sõpra") dir. Ergo Kuld. Reede production : Kaidar - male lead
  • Feature comedy "Men at arms" dir. Kaaren Kaer. Õ-Fraktsioon : Vesse poeg - speaking role (plus many different characters and production assistant)
  • Feature "Revolution of Pigs" dir. R. Reinumägi&J. Kilmi. R. Konimois prod. : Tarx - supporting speaking role


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Russian
  • Finnish

  • German
  • Russian

I studied drama in Estonia at University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy the leading performing arts school in Estonia where I received an undergraduate degree in drama studies. Our studies focused on acquiring knowledge and practical skills within the various fields related to acting and directing. We were given means how to go on with lifelong training and development in our profession. Our course leader prof. Kalju Komissarov is a Konstantin Stanislavski's student's student.

Recently I have acted on Estonian feature MOTHER (EMA) officially selected to TRIBECA 2016 film festival, Finnish feature ("He ovat paenneet" J.P. Valkeapää) and starred in Estonian TV-series as male lead ("Naabriplika" Ergo Kuld") to name a few. I have more than 30 roles in theatre, TV, and features on my resume (most paid). 2014 Australian Rolling Stones Magazine selected the Music Video of the Year - Peking Duk "High" produced by Frank Meets Wolf. I had the honor toplay the character of the wolf.

Overview of my skills:
Vocal range baritone. Combat: unarmed (higly skilled - hs), rapier (hs), two-handed longsword, arming sword (hs), firearms. Horseback riding (with or without saddle). Riding a horse cart. Driving: motorbike, tracktor (hs), racecar (hs), stuntdriving. Operating boats and motorboats. Scuba diving (hs). Swimming (hs). Basketball (hs). Athletics. Powered paracliding. Acting with animals.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

I have participated in different professional (paid) photo shoots and commercials. I have worked wih professional directors, photographers etc. I have been in catalogues and banners for brandstores in Estonia. In my resume is also one work as a runway model. I wasa face of an Estonian beer (Saku Karl). If You are looking for someone like me then I am more than happy to help.


Dancing ability


Dancing experience is involved with contemporary dance and dancing in musicals.

Film & Stage Crew

Directing & Writing ability


Location scout, location manager, art department manager, set decorator, property master on more tha 10 (some internationally awarded) feature films.

I have also been my own production designer on most of my plays. I have been able to create different difficult constructions.


  • English
  • Russian
  • Finnish

  • German
  • Russian

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