Sebastian N-Grace (Sol)

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Guildford, United Kingdom
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Credits & experience

  • Studio Production and live work. : Producer/ musician / art director


Drumming ability


Keyboard ability


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Favourite genres
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz
  • Classical

Influences: Nin, Kingcrimson, Celldweller, Blue Stahli, In This Moment, Collide, L Zep, Animalsasleaders, Auras, Perfectcircle, Pretty Reckless, Deadcandance, Fkatwigs, Sia, Stravinsky, J.adams, Debussy, J Horner

Sarah Longfield, Polyphia, Vitalism, Noisia, Liquid Tension Experiment, Dream Theatre, Meshuggah, Whissell, Kidney thieves, Badflower, Reingwolf , Employed to Serve, Thought Forms, Anna Von Hausswolff , Eno, MC5 , Jack White, The Stooges, The Band, J Brown , Morricone, L Schifrin , Piazzolla, Stockhausen, L. Berio, Schoenberg ...

Ok, the above list are not influences btw ! , just currently listening to...

Briefly , I have worked (under various roles) as producer / co-producer / arranger / session drummer / programmer / remixer / composer / music director / stage direction / costume designer-manufacturer / live performance / choreography / film -ballet music / club promoter etc. , with a wide and eclectic range of artists and producers from:

- Annette Peacock ( American avant-garde singer) ft. B. Brufford ( Yes -KingCrimson ) , LP synth-drums production
- Hans Zimmer, ( Hollywood film composer ), co-productions in the mid 80's , audio consultancy .
- Alan Holdsworth ( iconic jazz -rock guitarist ) , stage jams Ft. Peter Lemer on keys
- Stakker (Future Sound of London) , synth consultancy.
- Portion Control ( influential 80-90's current , industrial dark-techno ) , producer of Raise the Pulse
- Krisma ( Italian pioneering electro-punk with H. Zimmer ), European tours , Clandestine Anticipations (LP co- producer - keys- digital drums ).
- Visage ( live )
- Kirsty McColl ( LP sessions and film score )
- The Chimes ( R&B- soul -house) , remixes - production
- Keith Sweat ( LSG supergroup) , USA R&B, hiphop-rap jack-swing, remixes -production
- Hot House Flowers ( rock), remixes-production
- D-J Digger ( various hardcore rap-hip hop- swing beat - urban ) , white labels, producer remixer
- Adam Williams (co-producer of Eurythmics ), various EDM , Dutch mixes , white labels, audio consultancy.
- Martin Hannett , ( Joy Division producer), co- production for Krisma .
- John Hudson ( Mayfair Studios) , TV Fetish Film , co- productions
- Pappo's Blues ( power trio - stadium rock , Argentina) , with guitarist Pappo Napolitano ex. BB King
- Comandante Energia ( Energy Commander - founder of influential Symphonic Math-metal, Argentina ) , members inc. Danny Peyronel ( ex, UFO - Riff ) and Pinchevsky ( ex. Gong).
- TV Fetish , 82' pioneering video art film, stored at ICA visual museum , multi -screen video synthesis , 30 min. BBC 2 special.
- Rhythm sections with many top bass players , inc. Jerome Rimson , John G Perry .
- SolIAN, jazz-rock fusion trio with keyboardist Ian Parker ( ex. Enya - Chuck Berry- Killing Joke- the Holiies )
- PST , 80's Tecno-Pop trio with keyboardist Phil Nicholas ( Brian Adams - Pete Waterman )
- Nick Plytas trio (ex Tina Turner, David Bowie,The Clash ) , experimental jazz , residency at Ronnie Scott- Whiskey at go-go.
- Assisting top producers covering Cinematic -R&B -Rap- free Jazz - Mathmetal - Heavy Rock - Funk- Industrial Rock- DarkTechno - EDM etc.,
stadium rock , TV , film music , ballet scores, just to mention a few.

As fashion designer and owner of Surrender, a cyber-metal fashion label, covering many aspects of costume design, audio-visuals and catwalk with over 80 infamous live shows in Europe and USA , inc. Torture Gardens -Wasteland -Erotica-SkinTWo- Manumission etc., have also collaborated with iconic artists such as Bob Carlos Clark, Soroyama and Thierry Mugler , to mention just a few.

Following a sabbatical period and involved in hi-end audio consultancy as director for Towersonic , I am once again producing in Germany , Holland , Italy and UK.

My current project involves a very hard edged mash of genres, "Cinematic-Mathmetal-TechnoPunk" a mouthful but the best way to describe it, using new experimental immersive and surround technology .
I am also developing projects based on electronic Pop - R&B and afro-beat genres , but with a darker, sophisticated edge.

--- Seeking highly motivated musicians and lead F-M singers /song writers with strong vocal range , specially into math-metal / game-music / progressive / pure rock / classical / edm / trip-hop / urban and world genres.
Stage attitude + image , instrument and DAW set up ( preferably Logic X ) . Recording studio experience and dance trained, are all very welcome assets .

Also seeking experimental ballet / contemporary dancers and choreographers to collaborate in a new avant-garde dance work.

The law of Karma, Universal Polarity Science , Holistic Living as an Art -form .

If you feel we could collaborate , Plz get in touch "asap" .
This profile is current ( July 2019) , I am based in West Surrey, some 30 min. train from C. London.
Age and distance are just numbers .
email me on :

12noon to 7pm

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