Sophie Louise Burrows

Actor, Extra, Film producer / Manager, Art Department Member, Lighting Crew Member,… more

Doncaster, United Kingdom
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  • shaw wood primary school, ingestry hall : in primary school I was a main part in all productions however when I moved into comprehensive my confidence slipped but I want it back


In primary school I was a good guitarest, dancer and actor but now im none of the first two but I am still a good actor but nobody can see that because I have started to lack confidence. anyway in primary I took part in most productions and always had one of the leading roles e.g. harry in harry potter, bugsy in bugsy malone e.t.c. I am now doing drama gcse but its awekward preforming infrount of my class mates and not a camera which is why I would be a better actress that what you think if you saw me preform now. And my childhood dream was to be an actress in Eastenders.

Film & Stage Crew

Im doing the btec media corse at school but only just started however Im always recording and making scenes for no reason, simply that I enjoy it.

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