Steve Farrell

Steve Farrell

Norwich, United Kingdom


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Steve is a great writer and director who is fantastic at giving parts that play to your strengths whilst providing and interesting challenge in equal measure. Amazing to work with no matter what level of experience!

Recommended for Writing or Directing Apr 19, 2021

Absolutely humbled to have worked with Steve..totally professional and great set up..these guys work with passion& drive ....if you Eva get chance to work these guys ..snap the chance ...great family atmosphere producing an awesome drama...Thankyou for having me ..can’t wait to return ......keep up the great work !!

Recommended for Writing or Directing Jan 9, 2020

Steve was a great person to work with; friendly, passionate and very good at what he does. I thoroughly enjoyed working on his web series 'Our Town', he was very calm and we got the filming done in good time. He listened to the actors and took on board our opinions, and was very supportive! I would recommend him very highly.

Recommended for Casting Nov 27, 2019

It was a pleasure to work with Steven. Steven is very professional, directs very well and makes actors feel relaxed and comfortable. I hope to work with Steven again.

Recommended for Writing or Directing Sep 28, 2019

Friendly, easygoing and brings out the best in everyone. Passionate about acting & directing.

Recommended for Casting Sep 19, 2019

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Thank-u Steve for a wonderful recommendation, it was brilliant working with you and the rest of the cast and if you need me again just let me know. Kath

Recommended for Casting Aug 6, 2019

StarNow Verified

Made me feel comfortable straight away, and knows exactly what he wants during a scene! when things arnt going well, he can improvise and make it work! absolute pleasure working alongside him, would recommend him highly!

Recommended for Writing or Directing Jun 16, 2019

Steve is a very friendly and relaxed professional. Very much enjoyed working with him.

Recommended for Casting Jun 3, 2019

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Steve was professional to work with, welcoming and also very funny and entertaining to watch as an actor himself. I'm looking forward to working with him again.

Recommended for Casting Jun 3, 2019

Steve is committed to his Drama Series "Our Town". He works tirelessly and professionally to ensure the quality of it. Excellent to work with.

Recommended for Casting Jun 3, 2019

StarNow Verified

I so enjoyed working with Steve. He has tremendous talent and observation. I look forward to having the chance to work with him again.

Recommended for Casting Jun 2, 2019

Steve is an excellent director and his guidance has really helped me through my first ever acting experience. Steve is really laid back and was happy for me to be myself throughout and improvise. This has been an excellent start to my career as an actor and I will be forever thankful to Steve for giving me this fantastic opportunity.

Recommended for Casting Feb 4, 2019

Steve was an amazing director and writer, very open to artistic development and also has a strong vision for where he wants the show to go. Working with Steve has been an absolute pleasure as he creates a relaxed atmosphere on set and is helpful to all cast members. A very positive experience and I'll be back again soon

Recommended for Casting Feb 4, 2019

Steve was great at shooting and adding new ideas into the script to improve the flow and add beneficial content. He knew what he wanted for the scenes and shot them, so much done in one evening, great turn around. Thanks Steve

Recommended for Writing or Directing Jan 12, 2019

Fantastic Script writer and director.

Recommended for Writing or Directing Sep 9, 2018

Recently worked with Steve on ‘Our Town’, he made me feel at ease and made the set fun yet professional. Very much looking forward to working with him again and taking my character further!

Recommended for Casting Jul 8, 2018

I recently worked with Steve on the set of ‘Our Town’ - not only was the whole process professional but he was very accommodating too! Everything you require from a job is given! Thank you for having me!

Recommended for Casting Jul 7, 2018

Steve was highly professional and efficient. The filming was made fun and enjoyable. I hope Tyler gets to make a return to Our Town!

Recommended for Casting May 9, 2018

I was delighted when Steve cast me in his web series 'Our Town'. He is lovely to work with, welcoming, friendly and with a clear outline of what he aims to achieve in a scene. I would strongly recommend working with Steve and hope to work with him and his team again! Thank you!

Recommended for Casting Apr 30, 2018

Worked with Steve recently and had a great time with professional yet relaxed atmosphere. I look forward to continued work with Steve.

Recommended for Casting Apr 29, 2018