Talise Wickham

Talise Wickham Pro

Victoria, Australia


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Great to work with, would thoroughly recommend

Recommended for Extras Jun 29, 2020

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Very professional and versatile, helped complete movie, three months apart! Yay

Recommended for Acting Nov 28, 2019

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Very professional and easy to work with

Recommended for Modelling Oct 14, 2019

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Professional, super easy to work with and her acting is spot on! Comes prepared!

Recommended for Acting Sep 6, 2019

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An asset to any production!!

Recommended for Acting Jun 29, 2017

Talise is great to work with and very professional

Recommended for Acting Jun 24, 2017

Excellent to work. Fun, cooperative and professional.

Recommended for Acting Jan 23, 2017

What a mesmerising actress! Talise was so creative, her performance was raw and exciting and she wasn't afraid to put everything into it. Wonderful to work with.

Recommended for Acting Nov 11, 2016

Recommended for Acting Jul 25, 2017

Recommended for Acting Jan 30, 2017

Recommended for Magazine Sep 2, 2014

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