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01 New york State of Mind

the old Billy Joel Hit New York State Of Mind !

0101 New york State of Mind
02bring him
03Moon Over Bourbon st 2 copy
0405 Moon Dance

Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
41 kg / 90 lbs
White / Caucasian
91 cm / 36 in
Skin color:
86 cm / 34 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Nottingham : Lamda


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern

Union memberships
  • Equity

Oct 2010 Munroe , itv Yorkshire In the roll of physiotherapist
Sept 2010 South Riding BBC North Productions,In the Roll of opposing Council official
Aug 2009 5 Days .BBC Productions ,in the roll of traffic police,saving baby,from bridge.
July 2008 the Royal Ytv Productions,In the roll of lawyer
Sept 2008 The Forgiven,Granada Red Productions, in the roll of arresting police officer
Sept 2007 Lost in Austen ,In the roll of Priest Register,at Elisabeth Ben nets Wedding.
Jan 2007 The Chase, BBC ,In the roll of Drunk guest at wedding .
June 2006 Mansfield Park, for ITV , In the roll of footman.
June 2005 Real Story Police man searching for evidence of child abuse
May 2005 11th Hour YTV,As Biochemist.
May 2005 Bodies,Hat Trick Productions for BBC,In the roll of a Doctor.
April 2005 A Touch of Frost X11,YTV Produced by David Reynolds,Director Paul Harrison.
April 2005 Ghost Squad Channel 4 Cid Operative
March 2005 Marchioness YTV in the roll of news sound man.
March 2005 Doctors ,BBC In the roll of PC releasing trouble maker.
Nov 2004 Diamond Geezer , YTV Director Paul Harrison.
June 2004 Spine Chillers, BBC3, In the roll as the Grime Reaper,Directed by Crispin Wittel
May 2004 Daizel And Pasco,For the BBC, Directed by Tom Thacker,in the roll of scene of crime Officer
May 2004 Fat Friends,for YTV written and produced by Kay Mellor.
May 2004 North and South,The Elisabeth Glaskel Adaptation for the BBC,in the roll as one of the rioting Mill workers,and eating during the supper with the head man.
April 2004 Emmerdale, YTV Guest at Reception Party.
April 2004 Bodies ,for BBC Hat Trick Productions,as Ripper , (Doctor)
March 2004 Bodies,For BBC Hat Trick Productions,in the roll of the register Ripper (Doctor)
Feb 2004 Blue Murder 2 Granada TV Productions.
Jan 2004 Blue Murder 2 Granada TV Productions,in the roll of cid Operative.
Dec 2003 Afernoon Plays For the BBC , Drive ,Directed by John Greenly.
Nov 2003 Born And Bread Production For BBC.
Sept 2003 Gifted Rolem Productions For Y.T.V, in the roll of Barman in Lap dancing club, Written and produced by Kay Mellor
May 2003 Between The Sheets Rolem Productions For GRANADA TV, In the Roll of man who is been entertained by young lady written and produced by Kay Mellor
May 2003 Between the sheets Rolem Productions For GRANADA TV, in the roll of punter in lap dancing club.
May 2003 Emerdale YTV Production, in the roll as Hart attack Victim.
May 2003 Coronation St, GRANADA TV productions, in the roll as the Bar man of the WeatherField Arms.
April 2003 Where The Hart is, Xmas special in the Roll as the vicker For Y.T.V
March 2003 Diazel And Pasco (Member Of CID At station) BBC Productions, Directed by Patrick Lau.
February 2003 Cutting It (Man Walking buy Salon), BBC RED Productions.
February 2003 Crossroads. Hotel Guest, Carlton TV.
February 2003 Diazel And Pasco ( C ID) At station) BBC production.
December 2002 At home With The Brathwates ( Restaurant Guest ) YTV production.
December 2002 Diazel And Pasco ( Member of CID) BBC ,Production Directed by Colin Buchannan.
December 2002 Crossroads ( Croopier in casino) Carlton tv prodution ,Directed by Chris Jury.
November 2002 Crossroads ( Gambling man in Casino) Carlton tv production .
October 2002 Forsyth Saga 2 ( in the roll of Man at Auction) Granada T.V production..
August 2002 Coronation St Granada TV (In the Role of Car Sales Man)
July 2002 Real Men Journalist BBC TV.
July 2002 Grease Monkeys For BBC TV (In the Role of Yuppie Gent)
July 2002 Real Men For BBC TV In the role of Journalist.
March 2002 Crossroads For Carlton TV, Directed by Steven Moore
March 2002 Crossroads (In the roll of Building Sight Delegate, For Carlton TV Directed by Steven Moore.
Feb 2002 Crossroads (In the roll of Guest enquiring about theater tickets) For Carlton TV Directed by Steven Moore.
Dec 2001 Crossroads For Carlton TV Directed by Steven Moore
Dec 2001 The Forsyth Saga (In the rol


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Opera

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Classical

Influences: Sinatra, Roxy-music, Tony Hadley, Spandauballet

2007 July the Phoenix Players Production of Lewis Carrolls Alice In Wounderland ,Directed by Tony Rabey,in the roll as Sarah The Cook ,the production took place at Lincoln Castle.
2005 Feb The Phoenix Players Production of Noises off,a comedy by Michael Frayn Directed by James Morris,in the roll as Tim Allgood.
2004 July The Phoenix Players production of Cinderala , in the roll of story tella.Directed by Ian Mcead, production took place at the Lincoln Castle.
.2004 May The Phoenix Players Production of The Michael Cooney comedy,Cash on Delivery,In the roll of Jenkins,the DSS INSPECTOR, Directed by James Morris,Production performed at the Broadbent Theatre Lincoln.
2004 Jan The Phoenix Players Production of Agather Christies, Cards on the Table,in the roll of Major Bruce Despard Directed by Bob Shirley, Production took place at the Lincoln Theatre Royal.
2003 November Indulgence Theatre Production of William Shakespeares Antony And Cleopatra,In the roll of Mardian.The Production took place at The Bishop Greaves Theatre Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln ,Directed by Simon David Clark .
2003 September Lincoln Phoenix Players Theatre Production of C.S. Lewis The Lion The Which And The Wardrobe. In the roll of Giant Rumblebuffin ,Directed by Ian Mckeen,Production took Place at Lincoln Castle.
2002 .April Lincoln Phoenix Rural Players Theatre Production of Richard Harris comedy Outside Edge,In the roll of Bob. Directed by Mary Yates and Assitend Directed by Gail Dennis. Production took place at the Jim Broad bent Theatre Wickenby

2001.Nov Lincoln Phoenix Theatre Production of Tom Jones , In the roll of Lord Fellamar and the Doctor ,Directed by Colin Brimblecombe production took place at the Lincoln Theatre Royal.
2001. Lincoln production of DickWittington, in the roll of KingRat.Directed by David Baker
2000. The Lincoln Mystery Plays .Directed by Keath Ramsey ( productions took place at SouthWould Minister Notts and Lincoln cathederal)
1998 Coming Home; an outside production performed at Nocton Hall.
Directed by Cathy Prince and Molly Guilfoyle of the Solent People's Theatre, Portsmouth.
The Way Ahead for Art sake Theatre.
1997 Birds and Angels
Directed by Paul Brown of North Kesteven Theatre.
Appeared in Stephen Sondheim' s " Assassins", playing the part of John Wilkes Booth. Directed by Paul Brown
1993 Played " Abanazzer" in the Newark Palace Theatre production of " Aladdin".
1992 Played in "The Night that Santa Came!" a comedy play produced by Steve Watson. Appeared in Cole Porters' "Anything Goes" at Lincoln's Theatre Royal. Played "Roy Rushton" in Allen Ayckborne " A Small Family Business"
1990 Involved in a stage production o fCole Porter's "Kiss me Kate", also took the major role as
"Riff' in Ber nstein's "Westside Story".
1993 -1996 Lead singer with .'Tom Alibi", in 1994 the group completed a summer and Christmas season at The Beachcomber at Cleethorpes. The group also participated in the 1995 Nottingham Music festival.
1984 Assisted in the establishment of the Lincoln based band "That's It!" The band was very successful and held live shows within the local area.
Graham Taylor has. Managed to achieve exceptional credibility) with his. \, audience in the course of his varied productions over the years.

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