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New South Wales, Australia
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I have been a landscape and nature photographer since the early 1990's working on film. My main area of interest involved travel photography, focusing on the more remote areas of Australia and the world. My photographic journey took a turn in 2002 with a photographic tour through the Nepalese Himalayas and Northern India. As a result, many of my images were displayed on websites and in magazines, as well as print sales. This was followed up with a photographic, wilderness tour of the ruggedly beautiful Western Tasmania Wild Rivers region and the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales. Today, having embraced digital technology the ability to have greater control over the final edited results have allowed me to explore my artistic vision with landscapes and develop fine-art images that more accurately portrays the natural majesty of these often remote and distant landscapes. My work has been displayed in international publications and won international public choice awards.
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