Tsu Shan Chambers

Tsu Shan Chambers Pro

New South Wales, Australia


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Professional, easy to work with! :) Would work with again!

Recommended for Acting Sep 21, 2020

Tsu Shan was extremely professional and talented. She was a pleasure to work with and any project would be lucky to have her!

Recommended for Acting Aug 28, 2019

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I worked on Tsu Shan's film project, Unsound, and it was an experience I'll never forget. The cast, the crew, and everyone involved was a pleasure to work with. I had so much fun on set that I would love to work with her again soon.

Recommended for Casting Feb 8, 2019

Very good, such a lovely crew to work with

Recommended for Casting Jan 26, 2019

It's been three years since I worked with Tsu Shan but I still remember this shoot as it was well organised, and a successful shot film. The crew was extremely patient as it was my first shoot and the experience was a great learning curve, I was extremely lucky to have worked with such an experienced individual such as Tsu Shan.

Recommended for Production Management Jun 1, 2018

Worked with Tsu on a tvc shoot for FASD today. She was outgoing, worked well with the other cast and took direction well of the production team.

Recommended for Acting Feb 26, 2018

Great Profile and look, Highly Recommend!

Recommended for Acting Feb 20, 2018

Tsu was a pleasure to work with, she is very friendly, reliable and very professional. I would highly recommend Tsu, she did a fantastic job and really knows how to bring a character to life.

Recommended for Acting Jan 13, 2018

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Tsu Shan is a lady of many talent and a real honor to work with. Follow direction well. Highly recommended

Recommended for Acting Jan 9, 2018

Tsu Shan was a pleasure to work with - great talent who understood what the role required and delivered.

Recommended for Acting Oct 2, 2017

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Acting alongside Tsu Shan was an absolute delight! creative, deep in her emotional range and very professional. We had some great on set energy and the result of the film was brilliant. Would be a pleasure to work with her again, I can say with confidence anyone casting Tsu Shan for future projects will experience the same.

Recommended for Acting Sep 25, 2017

It was a pleasure working with Tsu Shan, professional and excellent actor. Looking forward to work with her again in the future.

Recommended for Acting Sep 8, 2017

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It was amazing working with Tsu Shan Chambers, the set was professional and her vision is inspirational. I look forward working with Tsu Shan again.

Recommended for Casting Aug 9, 2017

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An asset to any production!

Recommended for Acting Jul 29, 2017

Excellent actor, worked independently and took directions well.

Recommended for Acting Jul 15, 2017

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Tsu Shan was a pleasure to work with. She was completely professional on the set of our short film and her character work is exceptional. I would highly recommend her for future productions. Jessica Producer

Recommended for Acting Jul 2, 2017

Tsu Shan (Sue) is a very talented and professional. I worked with her on a short film called Heatwave and she delivered a great performance every take. Sue also had some great ideas that worked very well and added another layer to the scene. It was an absolute pleasure working with Sue and she would be asset on any film set.

Recommended for Acting May 15, 2017

Tsu Shan was professional and communicated well prior to the shoot. We quickly achieved everything we needed. Definitely recommend her.

Recommended for Modelling Feb 1, 2017

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I had the pleasure of working with Tsu Shan as Art Director. I found Tsu Shan to be very grounded, very approachable and no matter how strenuous and challenging the work conditions maybe, her positive demeanour shone through carrying the entire cast and crew with her. I was impressed with her abilities across the board, always maintaining her composure. I would love to have the opportunity of working with Tsu Shan again should the opportunity arise and know I would be completely supported in my role. Thankyou for the privilege Tsu Shan.

Recommended for Casting Jan 25, 2017

Working for Tsu Shan was an excellent experience. During a recent TV shoot, it was clear to me that I was dealing with an industry professional who is talented in front of and behind the camera. Having those qualities made my job on set a lot easier!

Recommended for Acting Jan 8, 2017