Vonny L

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London, United Kingdom


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I have meet this lovely girl on set. She is a beautiful and professional model who is a real team player. Easy to work with on set and keen to cooperate with the people she works with. Highly recommend!

Recommended for Modelling Oct 11, 2021

Vonny is simply amazing! Her energy and professional approach made a great contribution to our project. She is so comfortable to work with. I would highly recommend working with her!

Recommended for Modelling Sep 13, 2021

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Yvonne was a pleasure to work with and was able to jump on our last minute shoot at a moments notice. Professional, responsive , brought great value to the production.

Recommended for Acting Jun 9, 2021

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We both worked together on a bridal shoot and we had the most wonderful time. Vonny is super professional, easy to talk to and a fantastic model.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 9, 2021

Great working with Yvonne on a bridal wedding shoot. She was even kind enough to provide transport as it was a very far location. Great model to be around that moved and took direction well making it easy to model with her in group shots.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 2, 2021

Vonny is so professional and versatile! True beauty and intelligence paired with absolute work-ethic, a strong character and a creative mind. If you want her for your project she will not disappoint as she can rock so many styles and has so many faces. She’s a true work of art and you’re definitely missing out if you don’t hire her! Shining example of why freelancers are and should be your first choice for projects.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 2, 2021

Yvonne was lovely, professional, talented and so easy to work with. Team liked her and we would highly recommend her. Beautiful, creative, unique.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 2, 2021

Yvonne is absolutely amazing to work with! She knows exactly what she’s doing, gave me some amazing ideas, super friendly and professional and was up for ideas that we created on the go. She was ready to work on time and it was so easy to shoot with her, I absolutely loved this shoot and it was such a great experience. The result we got from the shoot exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to show her the final images.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 1, 2021

Takes direction well, great energy and very professional. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Modelling May 26, 2021

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Yvonne is a pleasure to work with!! Highly recommended and quick communication too. Awesome pics

Recommended for Modelling May 21, 2021

Worked with Yvonne on the ClearCo shoot. She is friendly, fun and very professional.

Recommended for Modelling May 11, 2021

Lovely girl to work with, very professional, nice and beautiful!

Recommended for Modelling May 11, 2021

Yvonne was extremely professional easy to work with, great at taking direction and she gave way above what we wanted, was flexible and helpful to us and our requests of her. I'd love to work with her again soon. Highly recommended. Great job and thank you!

Recommended for Modelling May 7, 2021

Very professional and fun to work with! Would 100% recommend

Recommended for Modelling Apr 11, 2021

In person Vonny is a delight. She is charming, intelligent and articulate - great fun to have on a shoot. As a model she is exceptional; Vonny poses with or without direction and those poses flow from one into another with flair and creativity and she has a good understanding in regards to placing herself to best advantage in varying light set-ups.I would highly recommend Vonny and you will get a great deal of enjoyment, and great results.

Recommended for Modelling Apr 11, 2021

Wonderful professional and talented model. Amazing to work with and has a stunning look. Would highly recommend her to any photographer looking to capture beautiful images and have a great shoot!

Recommended for Modelling Apr 5, 2021

Von was amazing! had taken great photos with my products, I was so pleased! She is very professional A 5star! We'll defo work with her again and again! her IG posts also brought me some sales!!

Recommended for Beauty Mar 22, 2021

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Von did great with some eyelash products, achieved what I requested in a timely manner, very pleased A

Recommended for Modelling Mar 22, 2021

Loved working with Vonny she is very professional and friendly. Vonny has a gorgeous studio, where I had my shoot. Great hospitality and service. We are planning more shoots together, which i'm very excited about. I highly recommend her! Thanks Vonny

Recommended for Modelling Mar 22, 2021